Zedd at Austin 360 Amphitheater 9/24/15. © 2015 Jim Chapin Photography.

Zedd Lights Up Austin360 Amphitheater

Zedd brought his True Colors tour to the Austin 360 Amphitheater on Thursday, September 24.  Opener Alex Metric seemed to get off to a slow start, but soon had the audience dancing to the music. Part of the slow start can be attributed to the early start and the lack of a light show, having to play on a largely empty stage in the bright Texas sun.  The party really started when unannounced fan-favorites Flosstradamus took the stage for a short but dynamic set that had the place rocking as J2k entered waving their logoed flag and Autobot started spinning the beats. French DJ Madeon kept the party going with his animated movements and a stage presence that lifted his music to another level.

But it was clear when the lights went down for the final set who the crowd came to see.  Zedd played an incredible set from the start to end, keeping the audience on its feet and dancing for the duration.  The show was a visual feast, complete with confetti explosions, smoke machines, fire bursts and a fantastic energy throughout.  While the music was the draw and the engine that kept the party surging forward, it was the perfectly synchronized visuals and lights that truly turned the show into a must-attend event.  Video game style graphics and simulated 3D shapes filled the the massive screen as fog and fire erupted from the stage.  Blinding colored lights shot out from the sides and top of the massive Austin 360 stage perfectly timed with the beats and flourishes of Zedd’s captivating songs.  And smack dab in the center of this visual spectacle stood the man himself.  All you could see of Zedd was head, arms and shoulders, illuminated from behind as he raised his arms, pumped his fists and performed.

All in all, the show was a sensory experience bordering on overload – but in a good way.  Zedd’s mix of strobes and colors plying off of the synchronized on-screen visual effects took the audience to a different world. It was more than just another an EDM show or rave. It was truly an experience.


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