Pearl Jam

American Airlines Arena, Dallas, TX, November 15, 2013

In 1991, Pearl Jam’s debut album, Ten, catapulted the little-known Seattle-based band into superstardom. Nine studio albums, hundreds of unique live performances and hundreds of official live concert bootleg releases later, the band continues to be critically acclaimed and commercially successful — with over 60 million albums sold worldwide.

Set List: Pendulum,Nothingman, Can’t Keep, Interstellar Overdrive, Corduroy, Lightning Bolt, Mind Your Manners, Got Some, Brain of J., World Wide Suicide, Given To Fly, Sirens, Lukin, Not For You, Jeremy, Glorified G, Infallible, Unthought Known, Better Man, Yellow Moon, Future Days, Footsteps, Daughter, Chloe Dancer, Crown of Thorns, Why Go, Porch, Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town, The Real Me, Do the Evolution, Alive, Rockin’ in the Free World (w/Carrie Brownstein and St. Vincent), Indifference


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