Judas Priest Rocks Cedar Park

There are few heavy metal bands that have managed to scale the heights that Judas Priest has during their nearly 40 year career. On May 14, Judas Priest brought the ‘Redeemer of Souls Tour’ to Cedar Park Center in support of their 17th studio album. Performing its second show in the Austin area in six months, Judas Priest assaulted the crowd of 6500 diehard fans with with its blistering brand of British heavy metal.

Opening with “Dragonaut”, a song off of their latest album, vocalist Rob Halford entered the stage with the aid of a walking cane. Then, as if to prove that he was not to old to rock, he cast it aside and let out one of his signature wails.  There is no sense in pretending that the band still exhibits the same amount of energy in their sixties as they did in the band’s 80’s heyday. However, newest bandmember Richie Faulkner more than made up for it.  Faulkner played like a man possessed and surely looked to be enjoying himself, with his ear to ear smile and classic heavy metal rock-god poses. The synchronous moves with founding guitarist Glenn Tipton showed that he had done his homework and was here to keep the spirit of Priest alive for a long time to come.

Although the setlist was virtually identical to the one the band played at Fun Fun Fun Fest last November, the band sounded in great form, alternating between their hits, some new material and a few infrequently played deep tracks.

Setlist: “Dragonaut,” “Metal Gods,” “Devil’s Child,” “Victim of Changes,” “Halls of Valhalla,” “Love Bites,” “March of the Damned,” “Turbo Lover,” “Redeemer of Souls,” “Beyond the Realms of Death,” “Jawbreaker,” “Breaking the Law,” “Hell Bent For Leather,” “The Hellion/Electric Eye,” “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin.’ ” Encores: “Painkiller,” “Living After Midnight,” “Beginning of the End”


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